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Article 1
13August UI/UX Design
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Engineering Center

The training portal of the world's greatest software engineers keeps pace with the software giants latest branding and operating system upgrade - Metro. The initaitive is to bring harmony and simplicity to the global and local navigation system and search services. Which serve many independently designed and maintained sites of an important internal training network.

The solution required several dicisplines to execute, an understanding of the users access to their current needs and their past accomplishments. Also critically important how to use the system to quickly register, unregister and view course online in an short amount of time. To this end the integration of a streamlined search function was key to deliver contextual content to expediate the order.

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Article 2
06July Collateral Design
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Lozi Lifestyle Affairs

Collateral Design

Lozi tha natural skin care brand promotes itself and wellness to its clients via personal networking events called Lozi Lifestyle Affairs. The events bring in wellness and beauty industry professionals to cater and promote their services as the the clients are pampered with Lozi products.

Project One
Project One

Polo Ralph Lauren

Retail product development

Madison Avenue's master clothier Ralph Lauren, creates an experience like no other fashion designer. To design for the lifestyle brand of Polo all the stops are pulled. A logo never saw so much life. The many appilcations of the work truly engulfs the creative spirit in the immense world of Polo. Everything is covered from retail shops to custom high end products all the way to the catwalk.

As a graphic designer there my work has been applied to the web, mobile apps, as well as graphic tees, and high end luxury items. A retail product and brand gives many lives to graphic designers vision.

Project Two
Project Two

Doctor Bonnie

Talk Show host website

Navigating the precarious worlds of personal relationships and providing elevated solutions to an explosive subject is handled gently and intelligently by this talk show host. Dr. Bonnie picks up where others leave off and most lack real healing for an evolving world. Her preesence on the web is the entry for a powerful arsenal of solutions to everyday problems.

Project Three
Project Three

The Wall Street Journal.

Special Report Website

The bull run reaches a significant peak and is captured by this Special Report. All of Wall Street takes notice as their bullish moves forward and upwards toward untold wealth. The report highlights the bulls run and its bearish moments in this historical climb.

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.
— Martin Luther King Jr.
US black civil rights leader & clergyman (1929 - 1968)
Project Four
Project Four


Sales Presentation

The giant retailer, Wal-Mart prepares it sales force army with a digital sales presentation of its new summer line. By passing the traditional printed sales catalog and ushering in a new wave of doing doing business on the field. The presentations are easily edited and updated by field agents to accomodate local branches of its national networked warehouses.

Project Five
Project Five

Verve Music Group

John Coltrane

Verve Music Group at Columbia Records, reintroduces the sounds of jazz great....John Coltrane. The campaign in a series of high contrast designed collateral presents unreleased and remastered collections of this jazz titan!

Video 1
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Council of Fashion Designers of America

CFDA Award show from The Year of the Sneaker

This is module represents the significance of the sneaker in fashion around the globe. The senaker has gone from scrappy footwear to a high fashion statement staple. It is celebrated here by the top 5 sneaker manufacturers NIKE, REEBOK, ADIDAS, CONVERSE, KEDS. The begininng of a mulit-disciplinary effort to create, custom photography, graphics, video editing and music production all need to be managed carefully as a 10 deadline approached.

Directed and Produced by
Randy Rodriguez

Music by
VOTG Productions, Brooklyn, NY

Project Six
Project Six

Fluke Networks

Network Training Manual

As the proliferation of traffic grows on the network it creates the need for higher level training and accessible information for IT professional teams across the globe. This manual becomes the cornerstone of Fluke as it prepares its IT teams to handle and direct traffic on the growing networks of its clients.

    Article 3 12July Branding Program
    Article Three


    Bridge Runners Branding Program

    The New York City Bridge Runners Club. They are known for crossing the many bridges found in and around the greater New York area, and expanding into the tri-state regions. A unique running club trained by NIKE's professional top running athletes, these everyday New Yorkers are drilled and trained as if their lives depended on it! This multi-disciplinary designed branding program features print collateral, apparel and branding graphics for the runners events.

    Project Seven
    Project Seven

    Kick Affiliates

    Marketing Tools

    "Starting out with a piece of silence" but making a great deal of noise at the Winter Music Conference, the Kick Affiliates make their sound heard by all in attendance. Their cleaver use of sound creation with deep roots in the afro-latin rythmns partnered well with modern technology brings a refreshing vibe to the "house" music category.

    Their polished presentation delivered via a multi-platform CD and supported by branded collateral to match captured the attention of the musio executives looking for their next big "sound".

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    Project Seven
    Project Eight


    Model ePresskits

    Today's model presents herself with modern technology to rise to the top. The use of ePresskits lend themselves to portability, brighter side of various talents she posesses whehter it be dance, acting or straight catalog work for leading brand namces. The ePresskit is a user friendly product that welcomes the web with open arms and delivers high impact presentations of the model.

    By incorporating video and large pictures the service easily creates a dynamic connection for the client and the model. It becomes a realistic representation of the possibilities a model can offer a client.

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